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What Is Adobe Acrobat Error Code 109?

Adobe Reader or Acrobat is basically used to create, view and open PDF files. But at times user is not able to open their PDF file using Acrobat Reader and instead they encounter error code 109. There is high possibility that you are getting this problem because your PDF file is corrupt or unreadable. When a non-Adobe product creates a PDF file and then when acrobat tries to read it can show this error. This includes Ghost Script, Visual Basic and Active Reports. Although, these software are perfect in its own way but they are complex in nature. Sometimes, improper implementation of the PDF can cause the problem when Acrobat tries to read it. You can consult software experts on Adobe Contact Number UK why this happens and what you can do in such situation.

To fix this error you can try the method mentioned here:

Okay, now we will first do the basic things to resolve the issue. Such as:

  • In case you have downloaded the file, try downloading it again. Or if you have created the file, try creating it gain using the original source.

In most cases, this will resolve the issue if the problem is related to the file. But in case the problem is associated with the Adobe PDF reader then you need to follow the given instructions:

  • When you try to open PDF in the browser then first save the file on the desktop and then open it with stand alone Acrobat Reader. There are even possibilities that the browser plug-ins cannot handle big PDF files or may be third party software has corrupted the plug-ins causing this issue.
  • May be there is a possibility that the file you are trying to open is created using new version of Acrobat but you are opening it with older version. Thus, to fix this issue you just need to update your Adobe PDF reader to the latest version. You can even ask for assistance from our technical team by dialing 08081782624 Adobe Contact Number UK.


CANON Printer Is Displaying Fuser Error On Computer

A printer user unit is a pair of heated rollers which fuses the toner onto the paper to print. Basically fuser helps to melt the toner and compress it to leave an impression on the paper. If you are getting a fuser error then you must resolve it by Canon Printer Support number UK / following these steps:

Solution 1: Try Resetting Your Printer

  • Turn off your printer and disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Wait for half a minute and then reconnect the power cord at the back of the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and then let it get stable.

Try printing, if these steps resolve the issue then you don’t need to continue other move to the next solution.

Solution 2: This time, reset your printer and then wait for at least 25 minutes

Solution 3: Plug the printer directly to the wall socket and then try resetting it

  • Turn off your printer and disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Then plug your printer directly to the wall socket. Now reconnect the power cord to the printer.
  • Turn on your printer and wait till it become calm.

Now you can try printing again. If the above steps don’t resolve your issue then it is time to service it. You can get in touch with printer experts who are working at Canon Printer Helpline Number UK any time you want. There is a possibility that you will need to replace the fuser as it has got damaged. Printer experts will guide you in a proper manner to get the issue fixed. We first make sure that we could resolve the problem without replacing the part, only if nothing helps then we suggest replacement.

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How to Solve Series of Canon Printer Errors?

Whenever someone talks about printers then the first name which surfaces in the mind is of Canon printer. This is not just a name but a complete package and by this one is signaling to a brand. Each time a printer is rolled out then automatically chain of excellence is being followed too. Having said this a user can figure himself or herself surrounded by troublemaking elements occurring inside the printer.

At this stage, the most prominent way of resolving the error would be first to interact with professionals through Canon Printer Support Number UK. The user will gain a lot of knowledge about the different errors in a well-comprehensible manner.

According to the professional’s user needs to keep in mind the following errors for right delivery of work –

If bold characters being printed –

The user might be facing these kinds of problems if the printer driver is not functioning in a right manner. Well, the user needs to communicate with the experts of Canon then the user will gain information about right printing size. According to the professionals if the erratic printer driver is installed then right place and methodology is being explained too.

If the text is faded or fuzzy –

When the user is not being able to receive a top-rated form of print quality, then refer the concerned professionals. In the case of faded or fuzzy text, the user is suggested to first check out the ink level in the Ink-Cartridges. It might be also as there are fluctuations in the print-density or has been set into Eco mode. Well, the user needs to make sure that correct procedures are adopted.

Is the printout containing horizontal lines or white spots -?

Once the user is not satisfied with the outcome of the print quality, then he or she should immediately refer the right source or concerned professionals. According to the expert, if the printer is not functioning for a long period of time or the printhead nozzle is clogged with dirt or ink residue. In this case, the professionals make sure that right way of cleaning procedure is being disclosed to the users.

The printouts are getting blurred –

There is no way a user can get right form of prints if the below steps do not adhere too-

  1. A user should be confident that paper being used in the printer is not damped. As then the mistake will rise and the user can’t receive an optimum form of prints.
  2. The faults do arise when the haphazard form of loading the paper in the paper tray is being executed. In most cases, the user's lack of knowledge about how to load paper inside the printer becomes a hurdle.
  3. The user should be confident about the print setting being put into action. As there is a difference of setting for each type of paper.

Professionals of Canon printer make sure that each time proper form of guidance in connection with right paper type is being explained. As then only quality work is displayed without any delay. To add punch in the higher grade of work user should feel comfortable in consulting experts through Canon Printer help Number UK for in-depth clarifications.

How to Troubleshoot Basic Issues Related to Adobe Photoshop?

Have you ever seen an image in a magazine or at an even and wondered how can a simple image look so realistic or so flaunting? It is not always the magic of the camera that makes your image look so amazing, sometimes the images are edited by the photographer using Adobe Photoshop to make them appear this way. Adobe Photoshop is like a blessing for all photographers, as it allows them to crop, brighten, edit, remove unwanted content, add effects and do a lot more with a simple image. But what to do if one encounter some issues while using this software? If that happens then you do not have to worry about anything as our software executives of Adobe Help Number UK has provided a complete troubleshooting guide to you in this section. Try the given solution one by one:

Photoshop Not recognizing the New Camera: In such situation, first, make sure that you are using the updated software version. If that doesn’t work then please check that your camera model is on the list of supported cameras.

Update Your Application: Many problems can be solved by simply updating Photoshop application. Updating is easy, you just need to launch Photoshop app and click Help and then go to Update.

Update your Operating System: It doesn’t matter whether you are using Mac or Windows, but it is necessary that you should keep your OS up-to-date to avoid any sort of complication with Adobe applications.

Creative Cloud Not showing Available Updated: In such case, you should manually check for available and refresh your creative cloud desktop app. You can even try to reinstall the app.

Can’t Activate the Software or Its working in Trail Mode: In most cases, it happens, when a firewall blocks the application from connecting to the activation server, what you need to do is troubleshoot its connectivity issue. You can even try disabling the firewall temporarily.

Update Video Adapter Driver update: If your problem is linked to the slow performance of the software or image rendering issue then it means that your video adapter driver is not compatible, try updating it.

There can be many more issues that one can encounter while using Photoshop, not all the issues can be discussed here in this small section, this is why we have opened a 24x7 helpline at Adobe Support Number UK, where you can get answers to all your queries related to it.

Why My Epson Printer is Not Printing? Call at 08081782624


Epson has become popular in the market of printers because of what it delivers to its users. The company has never compromised with its quality. But one cannot avoid technical faults with the machine. These technical issues sometimes even stop the printer from printing. When your Epson printer also stops working, simply check the printer’s lights and do as suggested to rectify the issue. You can also connect with your printer executive on Epson Printer Phone Number UK to handover this task to them.

Printer Light Status, with their Solution

  1. When all lights of the printer are off
  • Check if your printer is turned on by pressing the power button.
  • Check the power cords of the printer but before that don’t forget to turn off your printer.
  • Make sure that the power outlet from which your printer is connected is working.
  1. Just Power light is on
  • Turn your printer and computer off to check if your printer interface cable is properly plugged or not.
  • Ensure that you haven’t left any packing material inside the machine.
  • If the printer is making printing sound but couldn’t print then run a print head cleaning.
  • Sometimes printer is not able to print large image because of insufficient memory issue, so try printing a smaller image.
  1. You can See Error Light turned on together with power light flashing
  • Press the paper button and then remove all the paper from the paper tray.
  • Turn off your printer and check for any foreign material inside the machine. Apart from this, also make sure that there is enough space around the vent on the back of your printer so that your printer can stay ventilated.
  1. Paper Out light is on or flashing continuously: Check Epson status monitor to find the cause of the issue and then try the given solutions one by one:
  • If you could see the paper light on and there is no paper loaded in the machine, then load the paper to clear the error.
  • In case ink light is flashing or printer is displaying low ink message then replace the ink cartridge to fix the issue.
  1. Printer Light first turns on and then went off: One gets this error when the printer’s voltage doesn’t match with outlet rating. In such situation, unplug your printer immediately and contact printer technician on Epson Printer Helpline Number UK.

How to Solve Canon Printer Not Responding or Running Slow Issue?

There is nothing to doubt in the fact that Canon is one of the most successful printer brands at present. These days, people prefer to go for Wi-Fi printers as they are more convenient to use. But the most common problem with these printers is that at the time they start printing at a slow pace or become completely unresponsive in the middle of printing task. There are different ways to resolve this issue:

Solution 1: Cancel Print Jobs: Turn on your printer and then follow the given steps:

  • Open Control Panel and choose View Devices and Printers to check if your printer is set as default printer.
  • If it does not then click your printer and tap Set as default printer.
  • Then right-click your printer to select Printer properties.
  • Click the Port tab and ensure that no port is selected and then click OK.
  • After that, click your printer icon on the taskbar to see the print queue and cancel all print jobs from there and then again try printing.

Solution 2: Turn off Automatic Duplexing: Duplex printing can diminish the speed of your printer as the printer has to rotate the paper to print on the other side. To boost the speed of your printer, please disable duplex printing. If you are unaware of the exact method of turning off automatic duplexing then take help from our experts on Canon Printer Help Number UK.

Solution 3: Canon Wireless printer cannot work well if the Wi-Fi connection is weak. This mainly happens if the printer is placed far from the router. To resolve this issue:

  • First, check the strength of your Wi-Fi router.
  • You can place your printer near to your router.
  • Ethernet connections are better than Wi-Fi, so try connecting the router with Ethernet cord.

Solution 4: Use Genuine Cartridge: Many Canon printers are designed in such a manner that they will stop working if you won’t use genuine ink cartridge and even if they do print then also you won’t get desired print quality. If your printer has stopped working then this can be one of the reasons behind it.

If the given solutions don’t work for you then, take assistance from genuine printer experts on Canon Printer Customer Care Number UK to resolve this issue, they will definitely serve you with a better solution to rectify this issue.

How to Resolve HP Printer Scanner Error on Windows?

Earlier we need to buy different machines to perform printing, scanning, and copying, but now all these tasks can be performed by one single machine. This is the reason that HP Multifunctional printers are in much demand these days. As we all know, more features, on one hand, bring convenience but then they can also bring more technical issues on the other hand. At times, HP Multifunctional printer scanner stops working. Either the scanner is not found or the can fails to connect. There are various communication or connection errors that you may encounter while scanning. These error codes can be rectified with the help of printer experts of HP Printer Phone Number UK or by following the guidance given in this section.

Step 1: Check if You Can Print

If you cannot print and scan, both then check your printer and computer connection with the router. And if you are facing issue while scanning only then move to the next step.

Step 2: Restart Devices

Restart both your printer and computer to restore the lost scan connection and after that do not forget to check driver scan settings.

Step 3: Check Connection

Please check if your network connection is working perfectly or not. Also, check your printer connection status.

Step 4: Run HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP Print and Scan doctor is a free diagnostic tool that can look for the printer issue and troubleshoot it automatically. You can download this tool from HP Printer website.

Step 5: Uninstall and Reinstall Printer software

You can uninstall from Windows control panel and then reinstall the latest driver from HP Printer website. If the issue was related to the driver then this step will resolve it.

Step 6: Verify Windows Image Acquisition Settings

Windows has a special service known as Windows Image Acquisition which lets your computer communicate with the scanner machine. You need to ensure that WIA is activated as otherwise, your scanner might fail to perform its job.

Step 7: Temporarily Disable Firewall

Firewall blocks all sorts of threats that comes your way, but at times it even block genuine USB devices like printer and scanner. It can blocks communication with network printer so you can disable network printer for some time and then resume your printing task.

In case, the above-mentioned way didn’t help you much then you can try other workarounds to scan your documents. You can learn more about them from HP Printer Contact Number UK.