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Which Printer is Best Canon Printer & Epson Printer?

When you ask a normal printer user, he/ she will say that all printer brands are the same, just choose the type of printer you want. But in actual, even the most famous printer brands like Epson and Canon has a lot of difference. For some these differences can be worth considering, depending on their printing requirements. Although, there is no doubt in the fact that both Canon and Epson are proficient in performing their duty. They are the most reliable printer brands because of their smooth functioning and high print quality. But like other printer brands, they are also prone to technical issues. However, one can easily access support for technical problems at Canon Printer Support Number UK through experts.

To have clarity over both these printers brand, you must go through this blog. We are sure that after reading this section you could make mind which is the best.

  • Some model of Canon printers like Canon TS6020 and MG3620 can print book-worthy text on high quality paper but TS6020 can’t be considered good when it comes to duplex printing. Epson printers are not so impressive when it comes to quality. The text quality of Canon TS6020 is 9.8 ppm which is much higher than Epson.
  • When we talk about glossy photo prints then Epson produces warmer printer which user may or may not like but Canon will definitely win over your heart with it natural prints.
  • It is extremely easy for a user to replace Canon’s print head within just 10 minutes. But when we talk about Epson’s print head replacement then you will surely need technical assistance which you can access at Epson Printer Support Number UK. I would also like to mention that Epson print heads are durable, still won’t last for long.
  • Most inkjet all-in-one printer can perform high quality scanning but Canon Printer is known to do it the fraction of seconds without compromising with the quality, unlike Epson.
  • On an average, the printing speed of Canon is 7.7 ppm and Epson is 7.9 ppm in case of text prints. If we talk about the graphics printing speed then Epson has 3.1 ppm and Canon has 2.8 ppm on an average. But Canon TS6020 still beats all the record when it comes to printing speed with text printing at 9.8 ppm and graphic prints at 3.1 ppm.

To know more about specific printer models please connect with our printer professionals on Canon Printer Contact Number UK. They will help you get better clarity about printers and will also guide you which one to opt as per your printing requirements.


What are the Common Occurring issues in your Canon Printer?

Canon printer might appear with a varied no. of situations. The most troubling of them is the technical errors. If you are searching for the troubleshooting steps for the printer issues Canon Printer phone Number UK is the right place to ask for it.

Not able to print: You must check the ink level in the printer cartridges. And then, go and update the firmware. Make sure, you have cleared the print queue and try to print something.

Most Frequent Paper jam: Paper Jam can occur anytime. In such situation, you need to look into the printing unit for any paper and clear it if you find one. Do ensure that there is no paper in between the rollers. And don’t use damaged or wrinkled sheets.

Connectivity: If you suffer from connectivity issues, you need to uninstall the driver software. If the problem is still there, you must reset the printer. If you are still not satisfied, reconfigure the printer settings. And at last, reinstalling the driver is the only option left.

Ink quality issues: Cleaning the rollers is a must step. You need to ensure that the print head has been removed from the printer and it is cleaned using warm water. This is also important to use genuine ink cartridges.

No Cartridge Found: In case, your printer appears with a message saying no cartridge found, you need to open the cartridge door. And then, remove the cartridges and reinstall them. After that, close the cartridge door. For any issue, connect technical team at Canon Printer Technical Support Number UK. The technicians are always there to help you anytime you face them.

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What If Epson Printer Start Printing Strange And Unexpected Text?

Is Your Epson Printer is printing some unrecognizable characters and numbers? This mainly happens because of communication issues between your Windows computer and Epson Printer. You can follow the instructions given by experts who are available at Epson Printer Helpline Number UK to fix the issue.

  • First cancel the print job through computer’s control panel. Only after performing this step you can move to the next one.
  • Now is the time to reset your printer. Resetting printer can resolve most printing issues. Once you are done with resetting, try printing. If you can successfully get quality print then fine otherwise move to the next step.
  • Download and run Epson Print and Scan Doctor. This is free utility tool by HO, which is specially meant to resolve all printer problems.
  • In case, still you are getting the issue then there is a possibility that there is an issue with the software application from which you are printing. Try printing from another application to check if the issue is related to the software.
  • Have you connected your printer to computer through network or using USB Hub? If this is the case then try connecting your printer directly to the computer using USB cable.

Lastly, if you are not able to perform the above steps without any guidance or the above mentioned solution is not resolving your issue then you can even consult our printer experts on Epson Printer Support Number UK to get technical help.

How to derive top-rated prints through HP Printer?

Technological advancement is something which is being showcased in a very pristine manner. All the engineers and other professionals have thoroughly understood the gravity of it playing in human being’s life. Talking about this printer has clearly made an indelible mark amongst all the professionals and other people’s life. No wonder the user does not have to worry about the low quality of prints being received as HP Printer are way ahead in the top-rated delivery.

Having said this, the engineer still needs to maintain a perfect balance for making sure that user does not have to bang his or her head for accumulating desired quality. So, they have taken a leap in this scenario by educating user’s in advance. This includes –

  • What should be kept in mind at the time of purchasing a printer?
  • Procedures that are to be checked for receiving desired print quality.

So, the users can gain more knowledge about it by the professionals using this printer and then a user will be enlightened a lot. These points are listed below –

  • A user should always make a point of using original HP Ink Cartridges.
  • While printing the user should look for ink smears on the back of printouts.
  • According to professional’s right quality of a paper is used for printing.
  • Examination of print settings needs to be set correctly.
  • Replace lower ink level cartridges or empty cartridges and set them at the correct time.

If the user gets connected to the proficient technicians they will receive proper knowledge for the same. The professionals at HP Printer Support Number UK remove all your device’s glitches in the shortest period possible.

How to Start Epson Printer Spooler Service? Toll Free 08081782624

When you send a print job to your Epson printer, it gets processed through the print spooler, which ultimately converts your document into a hard copy. If your printer spooler service is not performing its duty well, then you will face issues in getting printout. You can consult printer executives to resolve spooler issue by giving them a call on Epson Printer Support Phone Number UK.

To start print spooler service of your Epson printer, please follow the directions given here:

  • Login to your computer with administrative privilege as the right to start and stop spooler service only lies with administrator.
  • Now go to the START menu and click the “Control Panel”.
  • Then tap on “Administrative tool” folder and double click on “Services”. (This will open a list of system services)
  • From the list, search for “Print Spooler” and tap on it to highlight it.
  • Following it, you need to click on “Start the service” link which is located at the upper left corner of the window.
  • This will manually start the service, but if in case the service is already running then you can try clicking on the link that says “Restart the service”.

In case, there is any other issue with your Epson printer spooler then you can find out its solution from our technical team by linking with them on Epson Printer Technical Support Number UK. They will resolve all your printer related issues.

What Is Adobe Acrobat Error Code 109?

Adobe Reader or Acrobat is basically used to create, view and open PDF files. But at times user is not able to open their PDF file using Acrobat Reader and instead they encounter error code 109. There is high possibility that you are getting this problem because your PDF file is corrupt or unreadable. When a non-Adobe product creates a PDF file and then when acrobat tries to read it can show this error. This includes Ghost Script, Visual Basic and Active Reports. Although, these software are perfect in its own way but they are complex in nature. Sometimes, improper implementation of the PDF can cause the problem when Acrobat tries to read it. You can consult software experts on Adobe Contact Number UK why this happens and what you can do in such situation.

To fix this error you can try the method mentioned here:

Okay, now we will first do the basic things to resolve the issue. Such as:

  • In case you have downloaded the file, try downloading it again. Or if you have created the file, try creating it gain using the original source.

In most cases, this will resolve the issue if the problem is related to the file. But in case the problem is associated with the Adobe PDF reader then you need to follow the given instructions:

  • When you try to open PDF in the browser then first save the file on the desktop and then open it with stand alone Acrobat Reader. There are even possibilities that the browser plug-ins cannot handle big PDF files or may be third party software has corrupted the plug-ins causing this issue.
  • May be there is a possibility that the file you are trying to open is created using new version of Acrobat but you are opening it with older version. Thus, to fix this issue you just need to update your Adobe PDF reader to the latest version. You can even ask for assistance from our technical team by dialing 08081782624 Adobe Contact Number UK.


CANON Printer Is Displaying Fuser Error On Computer

A printer user unit is a pair of heated rollers which fuses the toner onto the paper to print. Basically fuser helps to melt the toner and compress it to leave an impression on the paper. If you are getting a fuser error then you must resolve it by Canon Printer Support number UK / following these steps:

Solution 1: Try Resetting Your Printer

  • Turn off your printer and disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Wait for half a minute and then reconnect the power cord at the back of the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and then let it get stable.

Try printing, if these steps resolve the issue then you don’t need to continue other move to the next solution.

Solution 2: This time, reset your printer and then wait for at least 25 minutes

Solution 3: Plug the printer directly to the wall socket and then try resetting it

  • Turn off your printer and disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Then plug your printer directly to the wall socket. Now reconnect the power cord to the printer.
  • Turn on your printer and wait till it become calm.

Now you can try printing again. If the above steps don’t resolve your issue then it is time to service it. You can get in touch with printer experts who are working at Canon Printer Helpline Number UK any time you want. There is a possibility that you will need to replace the fuser as it has got damaged. Printer experts will guide you in a proper manner to get the issue fixed. We first make sure that we could resolve the problem without replacing the part, only if nothing helps then we suggest replacement.

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