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Get Support For 0808-178-2624 How to Solve Error Code 0X97 in Epson Printers?

We all know Epson printers is one of the big brand among the number of printer brands, In the market, you can find its variety. However, it is not necessary that the best products always come without any flaw.

When you are using Epson printer there are high chances of getting Error code 0X97 on your printer, especially if you are using it for a long time. This error occurs on your printer without any warning, you can find this error while printing the document. Once this error is found, you cannot print any document afterward. This error generally occurs due to internal hardware failure in which your printer’s motherboard will fail all of sudden. If you are Epson Printer user and you are facing the same problem with your printer, then don’t wait, just call us at Epson Printer support number UK, where you can get a solution for any issue that you are encountering on your Epson printer. We offer most trustable 24*7 customer support to Epson users, for any query regarding your printer just gives us a call on our given Epson Printer Toll-free number UK 0808-178-2624.

You can also try below-given workarounds to resolve error 0x97, however, these are not permanent solutions, for the permanent resolution you need repair or replace the damaged hardware.

Method 1

Unplug and Plug-in

  1. Firstly, Turn off your printer and unplug all cables
  2. Now wait for 5 minutes
  3. Now for 60+ seconds press and hold the power button
  4. When 60+ seconds are completed, now plug in the power cable while keeping the power button pressed
  5. Hold the power button pressed for another 60+ seconds (after plugging in the power cable)
  6. Release the power button. If this method doesn’t help you, then you can call at Epson printer helpline number UK .


Wet Tissue Method

  1. Firstly, Turn off your Epson printer
  2. Now open the printer casing
  3. Take a wet tissue
  4. Now move your printer’s head to the center
  5. Put the tissue to the head cleaning mechanic pad
  6. Move the head to the parking spot
  7. Wait 10 minutes
  8. Now remove that tissue and close everything.
  9. Turn-on your printer, if this problem is still there then repeats the same thing for 3 times more or you can contact us at Epson Printer Help Number UK 0808-178-2624,Where you can resolve all your printer issues without any doubt.