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How to Fix Canon Printer Blurry Prints ?

Canon is known for its quality prints and when we talk to a printer expert then 90% of the time they suggest you to buy Canon Printer if you want rich quality printouts. But still you cannot totally rely on a machine; they can ditch you at any moment. There are different print quality issues that one can face while using this printer and one such problem is blurry text or images. There are varieties of sources that can cause this issue. Consider the following factors if you are not getting the quality of print that you desire.

  • Paper Issues: Make sure you are using start printer paper, as otherwise you might experience smudges, uneven or crooked text. In case you are using special size of paper then you need to move the slider or feed the paper in non-traditional manner. You should also ensure that you don’t keep the printing paper in moisture area as paper can absorb the moisture.
  • Resolution of Image: If the resolution of the image is too low then the resulted printout will look pixilated or blurry. The standard resolution of an image should be 150 ppi for clear print.
  • Print Quality Settings: A printer has different quality setting starting from draft mode to Best quality. If you require a fine print quality then opt for higher settings as in draft mode you will have to compromise with its quality.
  • Print Head Alignment or Ink Nozzle: A misaligned print head or a clogged ink nozzle. With heavy usage of printer, the print head come out of alignment and with the discharge of ink the ink nozzle to get clogged causing low quality print.
  • Outdated Driver: Driver is printer software that allows you’re a proper communication between your printer and computer and if your printer driver is outdated then it will definitely cause quality issue to the use. So better visit manufacturer site to download updated printer driver, for this you can also take help from Canon Printer Technical Support Number UK 0808-178-2624 on our toll free.

Try the above mentioned solutions one by one to rectify the problem. We are hoping that one of the above solutions will definitely help you.