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What Is Adobe Acrobat Error Code 109?

Adobe Reader or Acrobat is basically used to create, view and open PDF files. But at times user is not able to open their PDF file using Acrobat Reader and instead they encounter error code 109. There is high possibility that you are getting this problem because your PDF file is corrupt or unreadable. When a non-Adobe product creates a PDF file and then when acrobat tries to read it can show this error. This includes Ghost Script, Visual Basic and Active Reports. Although, these software are perfect in its own way but they are complex in nature. Sometimes, improper implementation of the PDF can cause the problem when Acrobat tries to read it. You can consult software experts on Adobe Contact Number UK why this happens and what you can do in such situation.

To fix this error you can try the method mentioned here:

Okay, now we will first do the basic things to resolve the issue. Such as:

  • In case you have downloaded the file, try downloading it again. Or if you have created the file, try creating it gain using the original source.

In most cases, this will resolve the issue if the problem is related to the file. But in case the problem is associated with the Adobe PDF reader then you need to follow the given instructions:

  • When you try to open PDF in the browser then first save the file on the desktop and then open it with stand alone Acrobat Reader. There are even possibilities that the browser plug-ins cannot handle big PDF files or may be third party software has corrupted the plug-ins causing this issue.
  • May be there is a possibility that the file you are trying to open is created using new version of Acrobat but you are opening it with older version. Thus, to fix this issue you just need to update your Adobe PDF reader to the latest version. You can even ask for assistance from our technical team by dialing 08081782624 Adobe Contact Number UK.