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What are the Common Occurring issues in your Canon Printer?

Canon printer might appear with a varied no. of situations. The most troubling of them is the technical errors. If you are searching for the troubleshooting steps for the printer issues Canon Printer phone Number UK is the right place to ask for it.

Not able to print: You must check the ink level in the printer cartridges. And then, go and update the firmware. Make sure, you have cleared the print queue and try to print something.

Most Frequent Paper jam: Paper Jam can occur anytime. In such situation, you need to look into the printing unit for any paper and clear it if you find one. Do ensure that there is no paper in between the rollers. And don’t use damaged or wrinkled sheets.

Connectivity: If you suffer from connectivity issues, you need to uninstall the driver software. If the problem is still there, you must reset the printer. If you are still not satisfied, reconfigure the printer settings. And at last, reinstalling the driver is the only option left.

Ink quality issues: Cleaning the rollers is a must step. You need to ensure that the print head has been removed from the printer and it is cleaned using warm water. This is also important to use genuine ink cartridges.

No Cartridge Found: In case, your printer appears with a message saying no cartridge found, you need to open the cartridge door. And then, remove the cartridges and reinstall them. After that, close the cartridge door. For any issue, connect technical team at Canon Printer Technical Support Number UK. The technicians are always there to help you anytime you face them.

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