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Which Printer is Best Canon Printer & Epson Printer?

When you ask a normal printer user, he/ she will say that all printer brands are the same, just choose the type of printer you want. But in actual, even the most famous printer brands like Epson and Canon has a lot of difference. For some these differences can be worth considering, depending on their printing requirements. Although, there is no doubt in the fact that both Canon and Epson are proficient in performing their duty. They are the most reliable printer brands because of their smooth functioning and high print quality. But like other printer brands, they are also prone to technical issues. However, one can easily access support for technical problems at Canon Printer Support Number UK through experts.

To have clarity over both these printers brand, you must go through this blog. We are sure that after reading this section you could make mind which is the best.

  • Some model of Canon printers like Canon TS6020 and MG3620 can print book-worthy text on high quality paper but TS6020 can’t be considered good when it comes to duplex printing. Epson printers are not so impressive when it comes to quality. The text quality of Canon TS6020 is 9.8 ppm which is much higher than Epson.
  • When we talk about glossy photo prints then Epson produces warmer printer which user may or may not like but Canon will definitely win over your heart with it natural prints.
  • It is extremely easy for a user to replace Canon’s print head within just 10 minutes. But when we talk about Epson’s print head replacement then you will surely need technical assistance which you can access at Epson Printer Support Number UK. I would also like to mention that Epson print heads are durable, still won’t last for long.
  • Most inkjet all-in-one printer can perform high quality scanning but Canon Printer is known to do it the fraction of seconds without compromising with the quality, unlike Epson.
  • On an average, the printing speed of Canon is 7.7 ppm and Epson is 7.9 ppm in case of text prints. If we talk about the graphics printing speed then Epson has 3.1 ppm and Canon has 2.8 ppm on an average. But Canon TS6020 still beats all the record when it comes to printing speed with text printing at 9.8 ppm and graphic prints at 3.1 ppm.

To know more about specific printer models please connect with our printer professionals on Canon Printer Contact Number UK. They will help you get better clarity about printers and will also guide you which one to opt as per your printing requirements.